Howdy fellows! It's been a day or two since I've been.. active around here. :)
I think it's about time to change that, since everyone here is cool, and it's great to talk to ya about anime and related things!

I had a crib-post a while back.. but that's been a day or two!
Nothing really new with the setup.. but I have gotten a few additions that I love. :D
Show what cool new things you've gotten lately!
(I'm just going to get stock photos from ami, or google.. since my camera (aka phone) sucks in indoor light. heh)

First up is.. Haruhi Suzumiya, goth-lolita version. :D
Her dress and outfit is one of my favorites out of any attire.. ever. :) So pretty!

Next up is borderline too scandalous for my collection.. lol.. Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening! It's a really detailed and nice looking figure, and I really love FE games, so this was worth it!.. but I definitely wanted to OK it with the wife. lol (.. and by had to, I mean 'cause I value her opinion, and don't want to collect stuff if she'd hate it.) She's gonna cosplay her anywho, so, we're good. lol

This next one will be a combo of adorable little Angel Beats! petites. :) With the upcoming VN for it.. I know I'll love it.. it's KEY.. I love everything they do, :D preemptive strike. :D


The next one is a big one. :) RAH Link and all of his perfection. Really, really can't say enough about how great this one is.. don't get me wrong, the figma Link is great.. but this one just blows him out of the water..temple. You can even swap out the eyes! THE EYES! Wut. lol It's cool though, just unexpected. Everything from the Hero's Bow, Beetle, to the sword/shield.. everything looks fantastic. :D


The next couple, I'm just going to name, and go.. they are adorable, and I had no idea Sakura Miku nendoroid was the cute in "person"? Plastic? Meh. haha

This next one was mainly because wifey wanted it. Not that I don't like it, I do! I'm grabbing the new Ikaros 4-leaves figure coming out.. it's a little sketchy too. lol ..but for w/e strange reason, I give Sora no Otoshimono a pass, despite having extravagant levels of fanservice. The manga is quite good, and the main story is a cool one. Just.. scanty characters abound. >.> lol Since I already have the blurays and a couple of the Sega figures, having a small collection of SnO is kinda nice.


Here's the 4leaves one, in case you were curious. >.> Seriously.. Ikaros is adorable.. but that outfit.. (it's her battle outfit, it's.. ya... it is what it is.) I argued with myself for a while on this one.. that.. and Roni is still a little iffy on it. lol Derp.


That's pretty much it! I have a few more pre-orders.. Miss Monochrome Nen./Spice and Wolf's Holo/W.Waker Link Nen... and I think that's it. :)
Sorry for the different update blurb, but I really like hearing what everyone else is checking out lately, and I missed you guys.. lol...
So what's up?! Anything AMAZING you've found lately? .. or been up to?